Episode #15 ~ Kelsey Juliana, #YouthvGov, & the Climate Trial of The Century

I had the honor of interviewing one of the 21 plaintiffs of the Juliana v US climate trial and it just so happened to be Kelsey Juliana whose name is attached to the case. She did make it clear though that all 21 of the youth who are a part of this case when it began in 2015 are equally representatives and plaintiffs of the case and that it was mostly a strategic and logistical situation to attach her name to the case. You can hear more about that during the podcast. We also talked a bit about our government, a belief in democracy, social justice, and a bit of optimism about how things are starting to come together around the world for the sake of our climates and world.

Tune in to learn a bit more of where things stand currently with the trial, how Our Children’s Trust and Earth Guardians are connected to it all and also hear about what other awesome activism work Kelsey has been a part of lately!

Thanks for tuning, in folks!