Episode #9 ~ Power, Privilege, & The IPCC Report


This episode is in response to a few current issues that are circulating in our local and global public spheres. The most recent one being the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and their report which says we basically have 12 years to right this spaceship before we bring ourselves to the brink of collapse. Then, there is the general conversations and issues that have been both hot topic issues (like the Brett Kavanaugh situation and it’s relation to the #metoo movement). This leads to the subjects that have not gotten a lot of attention in the main stream media. Specifically power and privilege and the systematic oppression that they serve and perpetuate. These are subjects that those who are a part of our current dominant culture we live in don’t really wish to address. And these are precisely the issues and subjects that need to be addressed if we are going to achieve any sort of socially just and environmentally sustainable future.

I feel compelled to say that what I share in this episode is a personal reflection. Yes, I am a student and part time faculty here at Portland Community College, and this program is based here at this school (and institution) though I share these words from a vulnerable place and share them honestly and transparently so that they can be heard by listeners everywhere, but also by all those in our school who help perpetuate many of these systems that absolutely need to change. We need to reckon with where we are. Especially white men. I am one of those people who identify as a white male and I recognize the extreme privilege I have that is entirely unearned. What I share in this episode is my own lived experience and perspectives. They may involve aspects or ideas that others share here at PCC (especially the students) though I take personal responsibility for these words. I will be adding links to this post to provide as many resources and educational tools for those of you out there who also want to have this dominant culture eradicated. I will also share links to the IPCC report and some of the reflections others have had on it which I value and appreciate.

For now as always, thank you for tuning in. We’ve got a lot of work to do moving forward. May we remember we’re all in this together and the time is upon us to try and put our momentum behind being a part of the solution and not a part of the problem moving forward…